Happy Home Club

Dear Friends,

This is for all of you, who want to be happy and make others happy, too.


There is no need to be a master to perform music, not a professor to teach others about what you know. Come to share happiness and take it home for the rest of the week! Happy Home is not an English Corner, though it also gives a great chance to practice your spoken English. We have lots of music, games, and activities. Every Happy Home Night is different – depending on those who are present.

For Wednesdays we have a pre-planned topic or activity. Participants can share views and experiences and so make full use of the time we are spending together. We are very happy to have proposals for the topics, so please, send us an e-mail! You can present your topic yourself or we can try to find somebody else.

There is no membership or entrance fee, but we urge everybody to remember and respect Happy Home Charity Fund. Minimum 2 RMB for students and 5 RMB for others. All money will go for helping those in real need. Our first Project 2005 was to help a young girl with a leukemia – she recovered fully and is now happily back to school! Next big project was to assist Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund during 2008 and again in May 2009. Recently we also assisted a young girl with her medical expenses after having paralyzed during a serius operation. Latest help was to a small 4-year old boy for his spine operation.

All information and the coming topics are introduced via our web site.

Wishing you all Meaningful and Happy Moments with our Happy Home Club!

Raija and Zekrollah
Happy Home Hosts

Happy Home Club in Finland Home Cafe

We are now  on Wednesdays in Finland Home Cafe, Shi Lin Si Xiang 99  (crossing of Shi Lin Si Xiang-Pingjiang Lu, 100 meters north from Bai Tai Dong Lu on left) . Come and check! 
Let’s enjoy free discussion and get to know each other.
See you on Wednesdays! 
You are also welcome to have your dinner in Finland Home Cafe starting 6 p.m.
On Friday Nights we also have music for everybody – learning and performing.
Everybody  most Welcome!


Happy Home Club

Address: Finland Home Cafe

Shi Lin Si Xiang (crossing of PingJiangLu and Shi Lin Si Xiang,

100 m north from Bai Tai Dong Lu)

Suzhou Old Town, China

Mobile: +86-139-1263-6101 (Raija)

+86-138-0621-3442 (Zekro)

Email:  Happy_Home_Club@hotmail.com

Website: HappyHomeClub.org


地址:中国 苏州师林寺巷99号芬兰之家西餐


电话:+86-139-1263-6101 (若亚)

+86-138-0621-3442 (艾哲罗)

邮箱: Happy_Home_Club@hotmail.com